Hebrew School 

The Chabad Hebrew School program teaches children the beauty of Jewish tradition, and nurtures a sense of Jewish pride, in a warm, loving, and stimulating environment.  

two track HS 


  Sunday mornings 
10:00- 12:00
Grades K-7 
Grades 8-12 Leadership Program

Everything you know and love about CHS!
Featuring a brand new school wide curriculum specifically designed for the socially distant classroom.

In person Aleph Champ instruction. 

Structured in accordance with CDC recommendations.
Click here to read our COVID-19 guidelines.

2:45- 3:45 Grades K-3
3:45 -5:00 Grades 4-7
(Aleph Champ Scheduled Privately)

An engaging curriculum professionally designed for remote learning, with live teachers trained in making this platform interactive and relational.

Exciting individualized kits with materials needed for each week's lesson will be available for families joining this track.

Aleph Champ taught virtually with a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio