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The beauty of being a Sunshine Circle volunteer is that with just a minimal investment of time and attention, you can dramatically change the life of another human being. You can part the curtains of loneliness and allow the sun to shine in. You can ensure that Bubbies and Zadies who gave so much of themselves in their earlier years get to enjoy their senior years with the dignity, respect and gratitude they deserve. A society that reveres its elderly is a society that knows its own soul. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. Married couples can pair up for visits and may bring their children along as circumstances allow. After signing up, a program coordinator will contact you.

For further information or to sign up as a Sunshine Circle volunteer, please fill out the form below. A coordinator will follow up with you shortly. Thank you.

  COVID 19 - Please note. This platform is being used to pair up volunteers and home restricted who are in need of assistance or extra love during this time. No in person home visits are being conducted. Purchases will be left at doorstep.



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