On The Front Lines - Chabad of Laguna Niguel Year End Campaign

A message to our community from my nephew Mendel

Gathering in Support of Israel with Torah, Prayer, Tzedaka.

Thank You from Givati Special Ops for letters from our community.

On Thursday, July 24, 2014, men, women, and children in our community gathered for " Tefillin and Tehillim for Israel". We united in tehillim (prayer), words of Torah, and tzedakah (charity) after the men donned tefillin.

Jill S. shared a heartfelt message from her daughter, Jaclyn S., whose kibbutz is a mile from the Gaza border. Two short moving video clips were shown, and letters of support and blessing were written to the soldiers of the IDF. These letters were sent to "Chayal el Chayal", whose former lone soldiers * travel to the Gaza border where they put on tefillin and distribute food packages, gear, and letters to the soldiers stationed there.

We received a special video thank you for our letters:

(From: Chayal el Chayal)
* Definition according to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption:
1. A lone soldier (Chayal Boded) is a single person in Israel without his parents and who has his own immigrant certificate and who is serving his mandatory service based on the period of service defined by the IDF. This definition is valid for females serving in National Service as well.
2. An immigrant, including a returning resident, who was recognized by the IDF as a lone soldier, despite not meeting the aforementioned criteria.