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Thank you for your interest in supporting Chabad of Laguna Niguel. Your support makes you an important partner in our vital task of strengthening Jewish identity, unity and commitment.

Chabad Jewish Center of Laguna Niguel is dedicated to providing every Jew, regardless of background, philosophy, or level of commitment, an open door environment for strengthening and enhancing Jewish family life. 

Chabad offers Judaism with a smile, and a home away from home for everyone who walks through its doors. 

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Partner With Us!

Chabad of Laguna Niguel is a 501(c)3 charity and all contributions to it are tax deductible. Every individual  and every penny counts.

Here are some of the ways you can contribute to Chabad of Laguna Niguel:


Donate Online Now

You can donate online right now by clicking here and filling out our secure credit card donation page.


Donate by Mail

Click here for our address information to send your check or manual credit card info. 


Stock Donations

Donate Stock To Chabad Jewish Center of Laguna Niguel

Donate Your Used Car or Truck

Donate your used car or truck to Chabad and we'll arrange to have it picked up free of charge.


Book Donation

Donate a book to the Jewish Children's Library  here, and include an (optional) dedication.