Pain vs Suffering - An important distinction as we navigate these challenging times.

The Torah’s introduction to Moses teaches us the true definition of leadership

Joseph’s rise to prominence and the powerful message it carries for us all

First night of Chanukah at city hall & special presentation, Beyond the Flame.

The kindling of the second Chanukah flame followed by Shabbat candles.

Hebrew School Fun

Chabad Hebrew School children get busy in the kitchen with some Chanukah favorites!

Cross-country farbrengen celebrating the 19th of Kislev - known as the 'Rosh Hashana of Chassidism'


Live from Istanbul, Turkey

What is your definition of life?

It’s all part of the process of finding our way to the truth

The Birth of Judaism - how did it all begin?

The Last Day of Sukkot

Shabbat Shalom & Chag Sameach!!

Sukkah on Wheels

JWC of Laguna Niguel & Mission Viejo present Rising - Recipes for Challah & Life

Hebrew School Drive Thru engages, educates, and entertains - all without leaving your car!

A Rosh Hashanah Cross Country Discussion with Three Friends

The Kosher Cop shares his story with our Community

From Rapper to Rabbi... Rabbi Motti Flikshtein Shares his Incredible Journey

In conversation with my brother-in-law, Rabbi Moshe Rapoport

Ari Schonbrun’s Heroic 9/11 Story of Survival

Tisha B'Av Film and the reading of Eicha

The Nine Days & the Story of the Baal Shem Tov’s Soul

Esther Sterling shares her extraordinary story of survival
Our very own Esther Sterling shares her extraordinary story of survival during the Holocaust, and the many subsequent challenges that she endured. Esther’s tremendous strength and optimism continues to inspire all those who come in contact with her.

Two Approaches to Education - from an episode in this week's Torah portion 

 Pre-Shabbat Greeting

My Rebbe Story - Setting the tone of our Shlichus in CA 

Pre-Shabbat Zoom Greeting

The Key to our Individual Journey 


Pre-Shabbos Zoom Greeting


Judaism at Home - 5th & final class by Dovi 


The Holiday of Shavuot - the Culmination of Passover 


Our Pre-Shabbat Zoom Chat


Judaism at Home - Lesson 4


Pre-Shabbat Zoom Greeting


Message from the Laguna Niguel Regional Park


The farmer & the princess


Judaism at Home with Dovi - Lesson 3


Aaron Ticatch recites a Torah verse at The Biggest Parade


Pre-Shabbat Zoom Chat 


Pesach Sheni - The 2nd Passover 


Judaism at Home by Dovi Paltiel - Lesson 2 


Pre-Shabbat Community Greetings 


An inspiring insight from the Torah portion of Kedoshim 


Judaism at Home by Dovi Paltiel, lesson 1


Pre-Shabbat Message by Kreinie


Important lesson from this week’s Torah Portion


Making Yizkor Meaningful at Home


A Message of Inspiration for Solo Seder-makers


Miracles in the month of Nissan


Pre-Shabbat Call with a message from Kreinie


Some thoughts on the meaning of Passover and the Seder