What is Shmurah Matzah?

The most important part of the Seder is the Matzah that we eat. The word Shmurah, which means ‘watched’ in Hebrew, is used to describe the ideal Matzah.

The wheat used in their baking is carefully watched and protected against any contact with water, from the moment of harvest and on. Water would cause leavening, and thus disqualify its use on Passover. In ordinary Matzah the wheat is watched only from the time of milling. Shmurah Matzah is round - kneaded and shaped by hand, similar to the Matzah that was baked by the Children of Israel as they left Egypt. While in the bakery itself, the Shmurah Matzah is under strict supervision to avoid any possibility of leavening during the baking process.

 This intensive process and careful guarding gives the Shmurah Matzah an added infusion of faith and sanctity—in fact, as the matzah is being hand-made, all those involved constantly repeat "l'shem matzot mitzvah"--"We are doing this for the sake of the mitzvah of Matzah."

It is most appropriate to use Shmurah Matzah on each of the two Seder nights for the Matzot of the Seder plate.

Only Shmurah matzah is served at our community seder.

It is also available for purchase through Chabad Of Laguna Niguel:

3 Matzahs (one Seder) $12
6 Matzahs (both Seders) $20

To order please call 949-831-7701 or email: